Assembly instructions for Bali-flags

Henning KrauseHenning Krause - 3 Apr, 2019

Assembly instructions for Bali-flags

The correct length of the pole:

The length of the pole is chosen according to the flag length. For example, a 4-meter flag belongs to a 4-meter pole. Due to the fact that the poles are not inserted all the way to the end of the dragon's tail there is an uncovered remainder of 30-50 cm at the bottom of the flagpole.

The flagpole can also be a meter longer than the flag. Then it sits correspondingly higher on the flagpole over ground.

The appropriate length of the flagpole is specified in each item description of the Bali flag.

Assembly of the telescopic rod:

  • remove the rubber plug at the thin end of the rod
  • let the elements slide out individually (from thin to thick)
  • a slight pull jams the rods and they will hold tight

Disassembly of the telescopic rod:

  • release the lock by carefully turning and pushing (from thick to thin)
  • do not let the individual elements crash down with force! They might break the screw cap.

Tips for installation:

Please do not bury the rods or embed them in concrete! The rods must be able to move freely. Otherwise there is a risk that they will break or kink.

We offer ground anchors made of aluminum tube or GRP. It is simply hammered into the ground at the desired pitch.

Unscrew the plastic cap at the lower end of the telescopic pole and put the flagpole over it - done.



This way you can give the flagpole and thus the entire flag the correct (and important) inclination.

You will find the suitable items here:

If you do not want to put the ground anchors directly into the ground, you can also use the ground socket.

If you are skilled, you can easily build a flag stand for a solid surface yourself:

Take a 10-liter plastic bucket, put in a long cardboard roll (for example from kitchen paper) with the desired inclination and fill the bucket around the cardboard roll with concrete.

After curing and turning over, you have a homemade flag stand.

The top of the flagpole

The telescopic pole is quite pointed at the upper end and can easily pierce the flag fabric.

We recommend the use of the tube piece SC50 if the flag is to be set up with a straight flagpole. The 50cm long plastic tube prevents puncturing the flag cloth by the rod tip.

Should the flag be built with the typical curve, we recommend the use of the round arch KB100. This replaces the thinnest, uppermost element of the telescopic pole.

Assembly of the round arch

  • open the screw cap at the lower, thicker end of the GRP rod
  • remove the thinnest of the telescope elements
  • screw the cap back on at the bottom

  • remove the rubber cap at the upper, thin end of the GRP rod
  • insert the round arch attachment with the slotted end into the first telescopic element
  • pull out the remaining elements and clamp them with a light pull
  • raise the flag

Find the round arch KB100 here.